Bar Harbor Day Two: A Bright Early Start

     Day Two of our Maine extravaganza included a solo adventure that took place in the slow early hours of the morning.  Which, if any of you know me personally, you know I hate being up early, especially at 5 a.m.  But this wasn’t so bad.  I went out to catch the sunrise.  And it was grand.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Two

Bar Harbor Trip Day Two

Bar Harbor Trip Day Two

Bar Harbor Trip Day Two

Bar Harbor Trip Day Two

     After spending a good hour plus outside, wandering around the bay, enjoying the morning, and getting as many shots of the rising sun as I could (before my camera battery died, bah!), I began to head back to bed when I ran into my parents taking a walk.  We decided to grab some breakfast at a local place called Jeannie’s Breakfast.  The most challenging part of my morning had come: finding a lobster-based breakfast to continue my Maine eating challenge.  I thought for sure I was doomed.  I was wrong.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Two  May I present: Lobster Benedict

     After a wonderful breakfast and a couple cups of coffee,  we took to the streets.  It was strange how quite Bar Harbor was this morning.  The streets were empty despite the heavy flow of both vehicular and humanular traffic we had experienced the whole day prior.  Little did I know.  The horde was on its way.

     I figured I could head back to the hotel for a quick rest as I was already feeling sluggish after a long and early creative morning.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Two  Main Street in the morning, completely empty.

     And then I saw it.  A 4,000 capacity cruise ship had entered the bay.

Bar Harbor Trip Day TwoBar Harbor Trip Day Two  The tourists are coming!  The Tourists are coming!

     I knew there was only one way to survive.  I had to blend in.  And thus, I received a disguise.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Two  Decked out in all vibrant Bar Harbor gear, I was ready to hide in plain sight.

     Donning my new fine apparel, we took to the streets to do some exploring before a sail boat ride around the many small islands in the harbor.  The streets felt a little more normal with life returning to them and shops opening up to lure in people “from away” as the locals say.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Two   After hearing good things, we decided to find Stewman’s Downtown, a place we would later go to for dinner.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Two   A spiffy olde antique shop.  Sadly, they had no olde cameras around.  I like to collect them.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Two     Grr manly things.  Sports.  Booze. Cigars. 

    After some shopping around, we figured we should grab an early lunch before our boat ride.  We were all so hungry we went for the first place we saw, Cherrystones.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Two   Lobster and Crab Club and a lovely local beer.

     We still had a decent amount of time before our sail boat experience so we headed to a sweet internet café called The Opera House.  It was quite the sight.  It had a whole room full of computers for gaming, board games, tables, etc.  It was fantastic.  I had enough time to grab a local paper, sit down and read.  It was great.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Two    The Opera House’s main lounging room.  Great atmosphere and cool people.

     Now you’d think I would have a trillion shots from a sail boat ride.  Well, you’ve actually seen the boat we rode multiple times already.  It’s that large 4-mast (I don’t know my naval terms) that keeps popping up in my bay pictures, the Margaret Todd.  Other than that there wasn’t much to see.  I had a blast anyway though.  The sea was rather calm and little wildlife showed up, but I got to learn a lot about the area, it’s history, and why Maine has so many lobsters.  But I will provide this shot of my father and I helping to lift the sails.  We volunteered and it was awesome. 

Bar Harbor Trip Day Two   We got to yell “Heave!” “Ho!” 

     Once again, I hate to say the ride was uneventful but nothing spectacular happened.  It was just fun to be out riding around in the bay.  The cool air from the north was cutting through the heat of the day and the bay water spray felt refreshing as it washed away a day of sweat and the stresses of a busy school year.  And best of all, we completely avoided the masses of tourists from the cruise ship.  Two-for.

     We headed back to our Inn for a quick break, some drinks, and some reflections before heading out to Stewman’s Downtown as planned.

     Feeling a little tired of the usual.  I decided to get something a little different.  I got a salad…. a lobster salad.  Boom.  The challenge continues.  I hope this is a tan I’m getting.  If my skins turns red I’ll begin to fear that all of this seafood is turning me into a lobster.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Two   A lobster Cobb salad.  Delicious yet not all that filling.  I’ll need more later.

    Apparently the surrounding area (Acadia) is famous for blueberries.  Or that’s a tourist trap.  Either way, I figured I’d try something Blueberryish.  I went for a local blueberry beer.  It wasn’t overpowering like most fruity beers.  Although it wasn’t my favorite beer, it’s certainly better than most fruit-flavored beers.

     Our group began to fade as Dad went back to the hotel to sleep and after some walking and shopping, my sister Emily went back as well.  My Mum and I weren’t quite ready to end the night at 8:30 so we went out for a drink and a snack at a place an awesome shop-owner suggested.  I bought a sweet mug from him that I’ll have to show later.

     At Geddy’s, my Mum and I ordered some drinks and a small pizza to try out.  We soon began a conversation with a young lady sitting alone at the bar and the bartender.  We had some good laughs and swapped some stories about our experiences in bar harbor.  After ordering a 2 1/2 lb. lobster, the bartender shared his lobster-shell cracking skills with the young lady and we listened intently, learning the tricks of the beast’s defenses.

     We ended the night still rather early but it had been a long day and we had another one coming up the next day.  That didn’t stop me from spending some time on my porch, watching some other Inn residents pass by.  It was a good day.

     Thanks for reading folks!  As I’ve said in other posts, follow me on Twitter @Pdidion if you want some extras and more in-between content.  Check back again tomorrow for another day in Maine.