Bar Harbor Trip Day Five: Jogging Along Jordan Pond

Well maybe not jogging, let’s not get too carried away, but it was definitely time for some hiking.  Within Acadia National Park, there is a very large pond.  It’s name?  Jordan Pond.  Apparently it is the smallest pond in the area but it also one of the deepest.  It also have a very large trail that goes all the way around it.  Let the walking and LOTR quoting continue!

Bar Harbor Trip Day Five Bar Harbor Trip Day Five Bar Harbor Trip Day Five Bar Harbor Trip Day Five Bar Harbor Trip Day Five

What makes this trail interesting (and with three miles you need interesting), is that it is split up into three sections.  The first part is just a normal nature trail, nothing special.  But after you make it to the other side of the lake, it becomes a rock trail that you need to carefully climb and balance over to make it to the third, final, and most awesome part of the trail.  The final section is a wooden plank trail.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Five

After our hike, it was time for some much needed lunch.  We went to the Jordan Pond House for one of the best meals I’d had yet.  The Lobster Stew was phenomenal!  Also, JPH is famous for their very hard to define pastery-ish, awesome, yummy, fluffy, things called popovers.  They’re super good and taste great with butter, jam, and as I found out, Lobster Stew.  This is a “must-go-to” in Bar Harbor.

Walking around in another foggy Maine day was great.  Since Cadillac Mountain was just next door, we figured we would try to see the view again, even though it was still foggy (that doesn’t make much sense now in hindsight).

Bar Harbor Trip Day Five   Some folk chillin’ by Jordan Pond.

After another “disappointed” experience at Cadillac Mountain, we headed back to the Inn in the harbor to kick back and relax ourselves.  These days are really starting to add up on us.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Five     A foggy day in Bar Harbor.

With an afternoon of relaxing and enjoying the weather and the harbor going by, it was no surprise that sooner or later, something interesting would happen.  And it did.  It came in the form of a pissed off seagull.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Five                          He has spotted me.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Five                          He and the crows don’t seem to get along.  But they kept squawking at him and soon enough…

Bar Harbor Trip Day Five                      He went in for the kill. Bar Harbor Trip Day Five                  Bar Harbor Trip Day Five                 The Victor awaits more challengers from his perch. 

After a lot of debate, we picked a place to serve as our final dinner in Bar Harbor.  Rupununi’s was our prime candidate.  And it was good.  Mostly cause they knew how to cook steak (see Bar Harbor Trip Day Four).

After an evening of fine eats and good drinking, we went back to the Reading Room Lounge for some live piano music and some night caps.  I was fortunate enough to find a port that was almost as old as I am and cost less than half.  It was a good evening.  But it wasn’t over yet.  For my last act, I went out and tried to do some long-exposure photography.  But between all the good food and wine, I soon gave in to the beautiful yet strong call to sleep (hence why this post is late).  Tomorrow would be our last morning/afternoon in Bar Harbor.  And there is just one more item on my list of things to do.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Five Bar Harbor Trip Day Five Bar Harbor Trip Day Five   Long exposurey stuff.