Bar Harbor Trip Day Six: The Long Road Home

     Our last day in Bar Harbor was to be a short one.  After lunch we would promptly head back to Bangor to fly out to Detroit (deh twah) and then back to Cincinnati.  It would take pretty much the whole day due to layovers and making sure that we got through security.  So with nothing to do, I decided to take up my sister’s offer for a spa day.  And spa I did.

     I went with the mud wrap option for it sounded the most interesting.  This is pretty much how I felt about it:

     Essentially I was covered in mud, wrapped in foil, serenaded by world music, washed off by a fancy shower, and yeah, it was great.  When I was foiled up, I couldn’t help but think that that must be what a pop tart must feel like.

     After my detoxifying, we headed out for our last meal in Bar Harbor.  After much debate we headed to Paddy’s, an Irish pub.  Luckily we got there right when they began serving lunch so I could grab something pretty substantial for the long day ahead.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Six    Really sweet menu at Paddy’s

Bar Harbor Trip Day Six     A fighting Irish for breakfast, to retoxify.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Six     Paddy’s.

     After a wonderful meal, we said our goodbyes to Bar Harbor and I snapped one more shot of the Margaret Todd as it floated in the mist.  Onward to the airport!

Bar Harbor Trip Day Six

    Getting to the airport four hours early has its perks.  I got to work on my blog from the night before and spend some time reflecting.  That’s about it.

     Eventually we got onto our plane.  This first one was the longer of the two.  It was good to get it out of the way.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Six     This guy played the same game the whole flight.  With nothing to do, I watched intently.

     After landing in Detroit around 6:30, we felt the need to get some food in us.  Since we had almost four hours until our next flight, we figured we had time to sit down and grab some good eats.  To continue our seafood binge, we headed to a Japanese place called Sora for some sushi. 

Bar Harbor Trip Day Six

Bar Harbor Trip Day Six

Bar Harbor Trip Day Six

     After another lovely meal (the last of our vacation food), we found some more chill time to wander about and explore the airport.  And here is my conclusion: I love the Detroit airport.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Six

Bar Harbor Trip Day Six

     With all my free time I was able to finish the blog post from the day before and catch some Gravity Falls on my laptop.  It is a most wonderful show and it definitely helped pass the time.

     Soon enough I was Cincinnati-bound and on the verge of passing out.  Travelling is tiring for some reason.  But soon we found ourselves home and the trip over.  I promptly fell asleep.  The end.

     Thanks for sticking around folks.  It’s not quite over though.  I plan to do one more overall review of the trip, share some favorite moments, and make a video from all the footage I grabbed while I was there.  Not sure how it’ll turn out but be on the lookout for that.

     Well… back to work.