Bar Harbor Trip Day Four: Living a Landlubber’s Life

     Today was a late start for the first time.  Waking up at 8:30 a.m. I opened my eyes to another rainy cloudy day in Bar Harbor, but this time, we had fog. 

     After checking it out but never eating there, we finally decided to stay in and eat at The Reading Room at our Inn.  The view was wonderful with the fog over the bay.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Four

     Seeing as you couldn’t see anything anywhere near the sea, we headed inland to the mountains… which were just as covered in fog.  To many, this would be a drag but honestly, it was a fantastic experience.  I came up with a semi-pseudo deep thought.  Ahem.

“Too often, we see things from afar.  Yet so little do we look at things up close.”


     You would maybe be able to see within 20 feet of yourself.  Other than that it was a fog bank everywhere you looked.  Any “view” that might normally be there was replaced with a large white wall.  And it was glorious.   It created an experience like nothing else. 

Bar Harbor Trip Day Four   People wander in the mistBar Harbor Trip Day Four   The mist did not stop the hikers.Bar Harbor Trip Day Four   A stone stairway leading out a basin and back into the fog.Bar Harbor Trip Day Four   This is the view we were promised.

This is the view that I got.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Four

     Cadillac Mountain is named after Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac, the Frenchman who founded Detroit.  Here’s my fun fact section for the day:  Detroit is actually a French name pronounced something like deh twah.  Try to say it in your most Frenchish accent.  The car company in Detroit was also named after him by its founders. 

     Cadillac Mountain is in the Acadia National Park, a mere 5 minute drive out of Bar Harbor. 

     I also decided to take some time to run around in the mist and quote Lord of the Rings.  Cause I’m a huge nerd like that.  Here’s my shameless self-promotion section for the day: at the end of all of this, I’ll be putting together a video to bring to life some of these stories I’ve told you.  Hopefully it’ll be cool.  If not, at least my one LOTR part might bring some smiles to your lovely faces.  Moving on.

     We drove around the park for awhile but soon fell prey to an outstanding hunger.  Feeling pretty wiped from my “orc hunting” and the hiking around in the mist, we decided to return to town and go check out Geddy’s for some lunch.  Having already been there two nights ago, I was really happy with that decision.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Four   Geddy’s!

     Although our bartender from the other night wasn’t there, we still had a great time.  We ordered so much food and it was all good and still so much cheaper than most places.  We had macho nachos served on a hubcap (not used, no worries), salad, lobster roll, chowder, pizza, beer, wine, you name it.  It was just a good fun place to return to. 

     Since we didn’t have much planned and all of the “sights” were essentially out for the day due to extremely awesome fog, we decided to take the day off to chill and wander a bit on our own.  After snapping some photos of the fog in the harbor, my sis and I headed out to Matsumoto Joe’s for some coffee and chill time.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Four   The Margaret Todd makes another another appearance.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Four   A macchiato and a latte fight off the cold of the rainy foggy day.

     I finally got to feel like a local spending some time sitting in a café, reading a book over some strong coffee and watching the rain mist down on Bar Harbor as the city moved on with its day.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Four   My view out of an open door at Matsumoto Joe’s.

     After lazing about for bit we headed back out once more for some eats.  We went to Testa’s, an Italian place right across the street from our Inn.  The food was good.  But more importantly I got to satisfy my port craving.  I was a happy camper. 

     I hate to end with such little content today because I feel like I captured so little of what was a beautiful and fun day.  Like I said before, all the rain and fog could come across like a fun-sucker.  But truth be told, I felt more connected to Bar Harbor because of it.  No longer was it about the big fancy tourist spots but rather it forced many to either watch television in their hotel rooms, or they had to experience the town for it’s little things.  The things that you can only see when you get up close and personal after all the buses and boats give up.  Today was a good day.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Four   A misty Bar Harbor.

     Thanks again folks!  Come back tomorrow for my last full day in the wonderful town of Bar Harbor.  Although it seems another day of rain and fog is ahead of us, we’re going to go back to Acadia National Park to explore an area called Jordan Pond.  After that, the sky is the limit.  All I know is, I’m going to get some much needed sleep.  I’m still sore from all that Heave-Ho-ing.