Bar Harbor Day Three: Lighthouses, Beer Tasting, and lounges. Oh my!

I can’t believe it’s only day three.  I feel like we’ve done so much in so little time already!

Today began around 7 a.m. with a knock at the door to get out of bed for a breakfast on the other side of town.  Despite the feelings of my family, I was quite pleased to find myself walking out to a cool rainy Bar Harbor.  Off to Café This Way.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Three   It took most of the day to realize that the title of the café was a play on words.  My brain is fried.  White footsteps lead you to the café a block away from the main street.

After another lovely breakfast, still keeping with the challenge, we headed out to wander about a bit before another boating excursion.  We ran into a guy who knew a lot about the stained glass of a church we were looking at.  Although it was closed that early in the morning, we would be back later to check it out.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Three   Awesome church with some sweet stained glass.

The point of our aquatic exploration was to check out the coastline of the mainland as well as some of the surrounding islands and their lighthouses.  With the cold and the rain I had to wear three layers and purchase a hat from a shop nearby.  I think the weather is in cahoots with the tourist traps.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Three   It’s not my usual yellow hat but I love it.  I say that mostly because it kept me alive.  The whale helped a lot.

We headed out into the bay and beyond, catching some sweet sights, learning some history, and riding most of the way up front on the bow, disregarding the cold winds and rain.  It was worth it.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Three

Bar Harbor Trip Day Three

Bar Harbor Trip Day Three     I feel like I’m flying!

Bar Harbor Trip Day Three    That’s really where Martha Stewart lives.  She has the gravel and pines all washed and evenly dispersed every year.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Three   A ferry takes a dump truck across a bay.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Three   A lobsterman goes through his recent haul, tossing out a lobster he can’t use.  There are only certain lobsters that you are allowed to keep.

Although the journey was nowhere near over, I finally submitted to the rain and cold and retreated to the galley for something warm to drink.  My drink of choice?  Hot chocolate with a splash of whiskey.  The crewman working the galley gave me a look of confusion but was happy to help out and let me do as I pleased.  I’m hoping to have it added to the menu in future months.

After about an hour or so, we got to our first lighthouse.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Three

Bar Harbor Trip Day Three

And another.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Three   The sun was in my face, but I swear I could see!  Well, kinda,

We rode around for almost three hours, checking out rich people’s houses and some sweet lighthouses.  All the while, I had a lot of time spent at the front of the bow, imagining what life was like for sailor’s way back in the day,

Bar Harbor Trip Day Three   The family fights against the cold to stand at the bow.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Three   An army of seagulls and a lighthouse.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Three   A poor attempt at some HDR.  Oh well, gotta start somewhere.  I’m on vacation so I’m gonna play around a bit 😛

Bar Harbor Trip Day Three   A seal got really close to the ship.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Three    A group of fishers taking a break back on the dock.

After our three-hour excursion, we headed back to the mainland for so much needed lunch.  I had seen a place awhile back and wanted to check it out.  To be honest, at this point I had been slightly disappointed in a place or two, but really everything had been delicious.  This place was no exception.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Three     The West St. Café Seaside Grill.

We decided to go for a light lunch, primarily soups and salads.  Afterward, we didn’t have any plans so I went back to the Inn to give in to my food coma.

After sitting around for awhile, trying to regain some energy, it was time to go back out and check out that church.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Three   Another experiment, some long exposure shots.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Three   And another HDR attempt.

After wandering around some, with more time to kill before cocktails and dinner, I saw with my two eyes, a brewery with both beer and wine tastings.  I knew how I was going to spend my time.

The Bar Harbor brewing company not only makes fine beer and wine, but it also has a great staff of people willing to talk to you about their products and the area.  My Dad and I had a great time talking with the beer guy about our beer experiences, swapping stories and suggestions.  We also got to talk to a couple from Boston.  I love that accent so much.  I wish I could replicate it but I just can’t yet.  But soon!

Then it began.  It felt like the building was swaying.  Turns out, it was me who was swaying.  Apparently the effects of riding a boat for so long made me get all weird and vertigo-y.  Even now as I write this, the room I’m in feels like it’s rocking back and forth atop the water.  Blarg.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Three

Bar Harbor Trip Day Three

Enough of that though.  Back out of the brewery, we wandered around and checked out some shops for awhile before going to a place we had been told to go to for dinner.  Galyn’s.

Galyn’s was a nice sounding place.  It was said to have delicious food and the best view of the harbor in the area.  False!  Not only was I disappointed in my meal, but the view was just ok.  I found the view from my Inn’s restaurant to be far superior and allowed for more people to partake in it as they ate their meals.

Insert long rant about how steak should be made and eaten here.  It was their “specialty” and I can confidently say that I could do better with a $5 hunk of whatever meat and some simple seasoning.  This is why I keep arguing for “hole-in-the-wall” joints as opposed to the “big deal fancy-pants” restaurants.  The way I like to eat out on vacation is to find out where the locals go.  It tends to be better and usually cheaper.

After dinner, we headed back to our hotel for some drinks in the lounge.  Aided by live piano music, we enjoyed a classy evening complete with fine cocktails and good company.  Although I was tempted to go out to try some long exposure photography over the bay, I felt the need to return to my room for some much needed sleep.  Oh wait, I’ve got a blog to run!

Bar Harbor Trip Day Three   My drink of choice, always, A Manhattan.

Bar Harbor Trip Day Three   The piano man.

Well that’s that for today, folks.  Thanks for reading, as always and come back tomorrow for another update.

We’ve still got a lot of time out here so if you know of any cool things to see or some great food places to try, please comment or tweet at me @Pdidion.

Adventure is out there!