Demotivational Thrusters: On!

    Hey Folks, so much has been going on lately and I haven’t been able to blog so prepare for a lot of info!

     I’d like to start by asking, why in the world won’t this quarter end?  Any time I ask how much longer we have, everyone always seems to say four weeks, four weeks, four weeks.  I must be stuck in a Dr. Who episode or something.  As much as I love being here in Clifton, I’m really starting to dislike school.  Things are going well, don’t get me wrong, but classes seem like just an annoyance and that glowing piece of paper that means my freedom, you know, the long lost holy relic all undergrad students quest for, is starting to lose its appeal.  I just want to get it over with at this point.  That’s my demotivational speech, I hope you enjoyed it.  Now on to the awesomeness going on right now!

     Last week, H2o had their annual Souled Out and Baptism event where we have a big worship service and then go Baptize people.  I got to be one of them..  Here’s a little video for it:

      I was baptized once before when I was a baby but this time it was more of a personal thing cause I actually got to make the decision myself.  After publicly declaring my belief to my church, I got dunked by three of the guys in my church who’ve really influenced me and are people I look up to.  It was a grand experience.

     Lately, I feel like God has been leading me to pursue a career in Photo/Video ministry.  Well really I feel like he’s been leading me there my whole life but recently it’s been becoming a reality.  I met a man named Stacy the Friday after Baptism.  He’s a former video producer from the Cincinnati Enquirer.  We met up because of a mutual friend from my church, Grant.  This meeting has been in the works since around Spring Break so I was definitely excited.  We met at a bagel place down the street for a breakfast meeting where he showed me some of his work and asked me about mine.  Any time you get two camera guys talking about gear, you get an endless conversation, I loved it.  Long story short though, I sent him some of my videos and he offered me an internship position as an assistant editor for some of his work in Nigeria.  God is ridiculous.  He’s placed me in an apprenticeship under another Godly man who is doing the exact work I’ve been praying about getting into.  Ridiculous.

     The very same day, I got to shoot for the DAAP formal.  I’m still collecting stuff for my next video my “Strobology” series , but you’ll see some of the photos I took from the formal then.  I haven’t forgotten!  I’ve just been really busy with all of this and end of the school year stuff.  Anyway, back to the formal.  I met another photographer while I was there who was really awesome about talking to me and sharing some of his knowledge with me.  And of course, we got into a long conversation about gear (it never gets boring).  We showed each other our work and exchanged information.  He offered to give me a call sometime when he gets a wedding gig so I could tag along and get some wedding experience as a secondary shooter.  Seriously!  I can’t believe how many people I’m encountering in my life who just want to help me for no reason at all.  Ridiculous. 

     So hopefully, you’ll be noticing a huge improvement in my videos and photography in the coming months.  I feel like I’m constantly learning more about both, everyday from just about everywhere. 

     What’s up with all of this talking?  Here are some pics for those skimmers out there!  I got to shoot some Bike Polo for the newspaper which is as intense as it looks/sounds.

UC Bike Polo Team.  Photo by Phil Didion on 5/15/12UC Bike Polo Team.  Photo by Phil Didion on 5/15/12UC Bike Polo Team.  Photo by Phil Didion on 5/15/12UC Bike Polo Team.  Photo by Phil Didion on 5/15/12

     Alright, back to talking. 

     Time for some media related news!  I wish I had more time to give out reviews of things but I’ll at least briefly mention things for now.  In one night, I was able to see Cabin in the Woods, and then right afterwards see the premiere of The Avengers!  All Joss Whedon, all the time!  Cabin is one of those movies that totally threw me off guard.  The only way to describe it is that it took the modern “horror” genre and turned it upside down.  It was great.  His writing is always impressive.  Now I have mixed feelings about The Avengers.  I am prepared for your fruit and vegetable throwing, boos, and hisses.  I mean, it’s the kind of thing I typically dislike in a movie with all of the CG flying around (literally) everywhere.  But at the end of the day, it was really enjoyable, especially considering how they’ve basically been pooping out the Avenger movies leading up to this one.  Once again, Joss really shines through in the writing. 

     I’ll make this brief, Korra is still awesome and always will be.  Next!

     Here’s a pretty big one that I just finished up….. The Hunger Games. Oh man.  I’m truly sad that I’ve finished the trilogy.  As it is with most people, I just couldn’t put them down!  They were so good!   I still haven’t seen the movie but now that I’ve read through them, I guess that’s next on my list.  You can now add me to that long list of friends who are insisting that you read them…. so read them…. now. 

     On my radar now is Prometheus.  I’m a huge Alien nerd (the movies, not like that guy with the crazy hair on the History channel) so this movie has been geeking me out since the original announcement. 

     I think one of my next blog posts will have to be something like “Everything you need to know before seeing Prometheus,” cause there is a lot going on that many of you might not know about.  I don’t usually have a lot of faith in the movies coming out but…. my nerd heart gets giddy with excitement every time I watch this trailer.  Same with The Hobbit       -drool-

       Alright, I’ve gone on long enough.  I mostly wanted to let you know that I’m still alive but don’t expect much posting in the next four weeks due to the time warp I’m apparently involved in.  Good day!


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