Woo! Busy Week!

      Hey everybody!  It has been a ridiculous week!  I thought that after the GCRC video I’d be able to kick back and relax.  This was not the case.  I don’t know if I will effectively present my week in a sensible timeline, more likely, it will appear as a random spew of information, at times bordering on the insane and possibly fictional.  For instance, my episode with the Duchess of York, totally happened.  Oh I should mention, I need sleep. 

     After GCRC I went straight to work scrambling stuff together to form something that resembled completed homework.  Simultaneously I began to pick up assignments from the school newspaper.  I believe that since the last time I posted until this moment I’ve completed about six stories for the paper.  I don’t have all the files at the moment but I’ll show you what I have.  First, Baseball…

_DSC0141    This is the one that was featured on the website and in print for the UC vs. USF games we lost.  The following were just some other cool ones that I liked._DSC0143_DSC0040

     After my first attempt at Baseball, I was happy to get a simple assignment, only, it wasn’t as simple as I had hoped.  Tracking this shot down proved a little challenging cause I kept getting tossed around as to where I should go and who I should call.  The assignment called for a picture of a female entrepreneur and eventually I was referred to a friend of a friend’s shop down on Main St._DSC0179     Katie Garber, a DAAP graduate from the Industrial Design program, owns and runs Atomic Number 10.  _DSC0186

     Katie was really awesome and I had a great time coming into her shop and getting some pictures of her and her dog, Scout.  After all of this I still had some more stuff I wanted to do but wasn’t able to get dibs on.  Then, out of nowhere, I got a call from the photo editor of the paper, asking me to run down a couple of block to see if I can snap some pics of a recent car accident.  I was already down the street so I got there in no time and was able to get full access to the scene.  The Cincinnati Police were there and had no problem with me running up and down the street, shooting photos as I went._DSC0010_DSC0037

     Apparently the car rear-ended a shuttle van and got totaled.  There was a series of these that got put up on the newspaper’s website, I’ll post that in a minute.

     Now today was really awesome.  I got another call from the editor, this time asking if I wanted to tag along for a shoot.  I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that.  I met with Pat, the editor, at the tennis court for a couple of matches.  He lent me his D700 for the day.  Man. Words can’t describe how awesome it was to use that camera.  It shot so fast I felt like I was using a machine gun rather than a camera.  After awhile I picked up my D90 and it felt like a cheap plastic toy after using the D700 for so long.  Definitely going to have to save up for a new body here soon after that experience. 

     After a good while at the tennis courts, we headed back to the newspaper’s office to upload some photos and take a break before a soccer game later that night.  Here are some of the tennis shots that I took with the very awesome D700 (I had to get these from the website since I don’t have the original files so the pics might look a little lower quality since they’re smaller and I have to stretch them out).7971_pas_9132f7970_pas_9226f

    After some uploading, Pat and I went back out to shoot some soccer.  Now, I can’t show you those files yet cause I gotta get them on my computer first.  I thought I had a compact flash card reader but I currently don’t.  I’ll post those up tomorrow.  They’re not quite as impressive.  Soccer is a hard sport to shoot since it moves around a lot and I only have a 200mm lens.  But I think I still got some cool stuff.

To see more of the tennis shots go to:  http://www.newsrecord.org/index.php/gallery/uc_tennis_vs._xavier_41012

For more of the car crash go to: http://www.newsrecord.org/index.php/gallery/accident_at_warner_st._and_ohio_ave._4912

     Ok so that didn’t turn out as odd as I thought it would.  I kept my brain going but now I’m gonna pass out again.  I can’t recall but I think I have most of the day off tomorrow.  Oh wait no, it just came back to me.  Good news!  I’ll be posting again soon it looks like.   Thanks for reading folks.  Talk to you again soon.


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