The Great Zooventure!

     Hey folks. just got back from a long day out.  Today was one of my best friend’s birthdays.  We decided to hang out and go to the zoo early in the afternoon.  Not only was it a good time to hang out, but I found myself able to test out some recently acquired gear.  This also served as a good warm-up for my gig tomorrow!  To avoid much blab, I’ll get right to the photos.

_DSC0012     Birthday boy, Keith with a sunlight induced old angry man face.











_DSC0125     Keith and Alex. This time, Keith meant to make that face.









     It was a really fun day.  I got to hang out with a friend from back home, see the Cincinnati Zoo for the first time, and take some cool photos.  I think my favorites are the Polar Bear ones.  Some of these had to be color corrected because of the safety glass.  You might also notice some spots and flares from said evil glass. 

     I feel all ready for my gig tomorrow.  I was a little nervous at first but now I’m feeling pretty confident.  Got some practice in today, now I’m ready to rock.  I’ll check back with you guys tomorrow to show you what I got. 

     It is at this time I decided to go to bed.


One thought on “The Great Zooventure!

  1. Dear Phillip,

    I loved your photos! I think there is a cuteness to the polar bears because they are playing in the water. I have been wanting to go to the zoo. Now, I want to make some definite plans to do it.



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