Final Day of Toledo

     Today we got to sleep in a little bit.  It seemed everyone slept in cause we didn’t get back to UT until around 11 after having to pack up all of our stuff and clean up the church.  Not to mention we got a little lost but you didn’t hear it from me. 

     This will be a relatively low picture post due once again to the fact that I spent more time talking to people or shooting video for my documentary.  I decided to include two short videos that didn’t make the cut for the long-term project but will hopefully bring some entertainment to you. 

     I was able to team up with Nikki and Grant for our final run.  I actually specifically asked to be with Grant because he’s really really good with people and has a lot of experience in this kind of stuff.  And I’m glad Nikki was teamed up with us  cause she’s just plain cool.  She’s the same Nikki from my Upgrades and Updates page. 

    The day was hot like before but after a quick pep prayer we headed on out.  Bad news bears, I forgot my suntan lotion.  Future prediction: I will come back with a soft sexy glow! (False)._DSC0015     Grant and Nikki taking a break and getting away from the heat.

     The morning went really well.  We shared the gospel with a few folks, ran into some friends of friends, invited some people to the first Bible study, and generally had a good time.  During one encounter, we had a surprise guest appearance:

A UT squirrel goes in for the steal.

     After our morning outreach we grouped back together for lunch, a little discussion and some worship and prayer.  We were all so happy to have gone on this trip.  The Matts thanked us for helping out but really we felt the need to thank them equally, not only for inviting us on this trip, but also for all the hospitality and care they’ve shown to us during the trip.  They bought us food, made sure we had a place to sleep, drove us around, pretty much anything we needed. 

     After all was said and done we had the option to leave for home but we had decided to stay for the Bible study.  This meant that we had three hours to do whatever we wanted!  You know what that means!_DSC0024     Nap time!_DSC0031     Play with water bottles!

And climb trees….

    We all gathered for the bible study which went well.  Once again, no pictures, mostly video, and for that you’ll have to wait for the documentary!  But we had 11 UT students come plus all of our people and the new UT staff members.  In short, we filled the room up and had a good time. 

     It was really cool to hear the sermon that got me involved in H2o.  The sermon is based around John chapter 4 where Jesus talks to the Samaritan woman at the well.  It shows how Jesus was going around and breaking the norms by talking to not only a Samaritan (as a Jew) but also a woman (as a Jewish man).  During this time in history, that wasn’t exactly something you’d get a slap on the back and a cheer for.  But the story goes on to show Jesus telling the woman that the water she drinks will never satisfy her.  It is only through the water he offers, the eternal water, that she, or anyone, will ever be truly satisfied.  This leads us to question, where do we draw our water from?  Are we drawing from a well aside from the one that Jesus offers us?  That’s where H2o gets its name from, as a way to remember what well we should draw from. 

     After the study we all went out for pizza for food and fun.  We got to know each other a little better and hopefully we left a good impression.  We said our goodbyes and hit the road.  Carol and Laura headed to their homes in Columbus while Taylor and Austin headed up to Michigan for the rest of their spring breaks.  Grant, Lauren, and I headed back to BG to clean up and sleep before heading back to Cincinnati.

     At this point you may openly and freely yell at me for not taking pictures.  I’m not sure what was going through my head at the time (aside from a tub of ice cream) because we went to the most amazing place.  BG has a special Dairy Queen that offers double portions for what I believe to be regular price.  Either way, I was warned specifically not to get a medium.  The dumb half of me wanted to see what this medium was all about, but I went with a small double fudge cookie dough blizzard of awesome instead.  I’m really glad I went with it because I would have felt dumber and more guilty for not finishing the medium when I could only eat half of a small blizzard.  This thing was big!  Well, big as far as smalls are concerned.  It was also at this time that I learned the origin of Grant’s infamous phrase of “It’s (insert description) as a mug.”  Of this I am very proud. 

     The rest of the night was spent at Grant’s old apartment where we talked into the morning before passing out. 

     The next morning was spent exploring BG and it’s beautiful campus.  Really, I’m a little jealous.  After that and a quick lunch with some BG folk, we said our goodbyes once more and we were on the road for home. 

     It was a great trip and I couldn’t really think of a better way to spend my spring break.  It was really spiritually satisfying as well as a good time for me to get to know my fellow H2oers.  Thanks for reading folks, I’m really glad to have shared this experience with you.  I’ll let you know how the documentary is coming (looooooooong term), but don’t expect to see anything for at least a year or more. 

     Coming up is another quarter of school which means more adventures, photos, videos, fun, and whatever else I feel like subjecting you to.  And even though I still have a couple days of break left, I’m sitting on enough videos to edit to keep us all busy for awhile.  Take it easy out there.


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