On the Road to Toledo

The morning began early at the second slapping of my alarm.  6:11 shone bright in red on my clock.  After a quick packing and breakfast I was back on the road to Clifton and later to Bowling Green.  Although our work is in Toledo, we’d be staying in BG and sleeping in a church at night.  But before we could hit the road,  I had to meet up with the gang._DSC0008     Let the Adventure begin! Wait, what’s that there?_DSC0011     It’s Caleb, and he’s skillfully approaching._DSC0021     Secondary attack squadron is inbound.

We all met up in CCM circle and had a few goes on the scooter.  After we all gathered and said a quick prayer we were on the road for Bowling Green.  The journey had just begun._DSC0023     A good laugh and smile from Taylor after a successful Row-boat.

The drive up consisted of friendly passing, row-boating, honking, blasting music, convulsions, and general shenanigans.  You know, the usual._DSC0028     Taylor post-rowboat._DSC0024     Takes a lot of work to row boat on the high-way.

It wasn’t long on the road until we encountered out first problem.  Grant’s car kept swapping between a smooth ride and shiatsu mode so we had to pull over and check it out. _DSC0031     Our first problem about halfway there._DSC0048    Have no fear ladies…._DSC0040    Austin Tindall is on the job.

It wasn’t long before we were back on the road though.  It ended up being a loose lug-nut.  With the car riding smooth and the stereo blasting we kept on northward.

After another hour of driving, our caravan found itself at BG, surrounded by other H2o members on their way to Sunday Service.  We even ran into our own pastor and his family._DSC0056    Trace Hilderbran attached to Taylor.  His grip is unbreakable.

We headed on in to the service with some time to spare.  The morning was wearing us down already with little sleep and a decent chunk of travel behind us.  None the less, we were ready for the day ahead._DSC0060     The H2o UC team pumped for the BG Sunday Service.

Despite BG’s excellent service, Taylor and I were having a hard time staying awake.  Once we could, we ducked out and bee-lined for the nearest source of Caffeine.  We were rewarded (unsurprisingly so) with a fully operational Starbucks._DSC0069     This Sunday is brought to you by Starbucks.  Caffeine-induced panic attacks in every slurp._DSC0070     Taylor shlogging down his morning brew.  Black.

After a quick lunch and some reenergizing, we headed in to our first session, preparing us for the next day and the beginning of our church planting.  The triple pastor Matt line-up gave us some evangelism tips and explained exactly what we’d be doing over the next couple of days. _DSC0081     Pastor Matt Pardi teaching us the evangelism essentials.

After a few hours we needed a break and headed out for some BG foodness.  Lead by Grant, a BG native, we found ourselves at the Pita Pit.  The Pita Pit functions somewhat like a Subway, but instead of subs, they serve your choice of Pita.  I ended up with something that was once a Gyro until I added some modifications.  The result was some type of mutant pita sandwich of awesome.  In short, I was quite pleased with The Pita Pit._DSC0099    A short stop at the local Pita Pit._DSC0100    Laura and Carol waiting to stuff their pitas.

After some more H2o meetings, we left the BGSU campus and headed to our lodging for the night, a church a little ways down the road.  But before I left, I snapped this one last shot._DSC0104    Taylor and Rob preparing for their close-ups.

After dropping off some gear I was able to sit down and review some of my photos from the day and take a short breather.  We’d been in and out of meetings and cars all day but we weren’t done yet.  The Matt’s wanted to take us out to a sports place called Fricker’s to watch the UC game and get some wings.  Although I’m not a huge sports fan, I was thankful for the food and free wifi.  After some editing and writing, I’ve reached this point.

You are now caught up.

“You are now caught up,” I wrote.

Oh wait.

Well that’s all for today folks.  Once the game is over we’re gonna head back to the church and get some sleep before we head out for Toledo tomorrow.  Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you guys later.


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