Day 4: Farewell Hocking Hills!

Waking up at 8:30 was a joy and a confusion.  What?  I get to sleep in today!?  Looking around I noticed the parents weren’t there so I decided to get up and check out what was happening downstairs.  Dressed in my pjs, I ran down the stairs to the dining room to grab some coffee.

I discovered them in the lobby being very adulty with their coffee and newspapers in hand.  So I decided to join them.  Em soon joined us and we went over our plans for the short day ahead.  Since we had to check out soon and hit the road early to make it home at a decent hour, we had to keep things simple.  It came down to this: a nature walk, a washboard making museum, lunch, and then home.  And of course, it didn’t work out anything like that.

Our first activity of day was to check out Ash Cave, another of the many cave/nature places in the area.  So we checked out of our hotel and hit the country roads.


Ash Cave!  We made it!

We got to the area pretty quickly and set out to see the cave.  It started like many of the other places, lots of trees and rocks everywhere!  Making our way along the short path straight to the cave and back, rather than the cliff trail which just went around, we stopped for a lot of photo ops.


Normal green and rocky paths


Ok, things are starting to looking interesting, lets just climb up here


Ooh look up there, that’s pretty, I’m starting to like this place.  Now what’s around the….



Not gonna lie, this place was beautiful!  Absolutely prettiest places we’ve been to on this trip.  Just this one spot had so much going on.  The cliff was towering over you on one side and there was a small waterfall that fell into the area around the next bend.


A little further in.




Good idea, competition!

We stayed here for at least 30 minutes just wandering around in the small area, taking pictures, posing for said pictures, and just staring in awe of the beauty of this place.  This is another one of those “must see/do while in Hocking Hills,” places.


One last look before leaving.  I got one without any people in it


I felt it appropriate at this time to meditate and become one with nature

We left Ash Cave and decided that since we didn’t want to head into town yet, to check out another nature site right up the street called Cedar Falls.  After Ash Cave though, a lot of it was really boring, until we came up the the falls themselves.  Now that was pretty spectacular.


Cedar Falls

This place was covered in tourists as well so I grabbed as many photos as I could when people weren’t standing in the middle of them.  Except for this lot, they kept getting in the way.


Seriously, they just keep following me everywhere!

I also took this opportunity to partake in a little college kid activity.  Oh yeah, that’s right, it’s time for planking!


My first plank, huge success

We hung out at the falls for awhile, soaking in the pretty, but soon it was time to go so we headed back, but this time took an alternate route.


By alternate, I meant awesome!!


Felt the need to scare the parents again

After that, we were pretty tired and in need of some sustenance.  So we headed to the place we kept telling ourselves we’d go to but hadn’t yet, The Olde Dutch Restaurant!


Finally, someone spelled “Olde” right!

The food was pretty good and the gift shop was even cooler.  We checked it out for awhile before heading out.  On our way out we saw an antique mall and figured since we weren’t going to the washboard making tour, we’d stop to check out what they had.  I was really excited as I came across an olde (see what I did there?) movie camera for only $1!!  I grabbed it and got it on the spot but my eyes were definitely drooling over a couple of items there.  There were so many cool olde things for sale there!  Everything ranging from tools to guns to LPs, this place had it all.  It even had a huge collection of cameras, each of which I inspected hoping to find another steal of a deal.  P.s. totally collecting cameras just for display.

After that shopping extravaganza, we got back in the van and headed home.  The trip was about three hours, mostly through small towns; we took the scenic route.  But got home pretty quick and went out for dinner, leaving unpacking for later, and good riddance too!  It was a tiring vacation with all the work we had to do!  I need a break!

The four days in Hocking Hills will always be remembered as a short yet substantial family vacation.  We got to do so many things and have so much fun all only a couple hours from home.  It was great!  I totally recommend heading up here for a weekend trip or something.  But now it’s time to finally rest and get some sleep!  Thanks for following on another adventure, folks!  Keep checking back, should be doing more with this space this summer!

-Phil Didion


One thought on “Day 4: Farewell Hocking Hills!

  1. You did a great job highlighting our trip! Your blog is such a fun way for us to remember all of the things that we did and to share our experience with others. Thank you! Love, Mom

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