Day 2: Let the Outdoor Action Begin!

     Waking up (barely) at 8 a.m., I was ready to… well ready enough…. conscious enough to pull myself out of bed and downstairs to the continental breakfast hosted by the lovely staff at the Holiday Inn.  One of my favorite things about those breakfasts is seeing all the other people staying at the hotel and wondering what their story is, where they’re from, what they’re doing, etc.  I am in fact, a people watcher.  Little did I know, I’d get to know some of these faces better later in the day.

    After a quick breakfast, we were off to the zip lines of Canopy Tours!  Located only 15 minutes away from our hotel, we excitedly hurried up a dirt road to a small clubhouse where the start of an amazing journey would begin.  After signing waivers and all that jazz, we met our awesome guides, Brooke and Cathy.  They got us started on the right track by teaching us how to use our newly acquired equipment.  The harnesses we wore had all kinds of loops and devices on them.  We got a basic tutorial on how to set up on a line and brake, which is apparently important.  Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera with me on this activity but my Dad had his so we are good there.


Taking a break and leaning over the edge.  “Testing the equipment” as it was called.


Once again, leaning over an 80ft drop, no hands!


Pimped out in my zip gear.


Family photo time!  “Pretend like we love each other.”


Coming down from the last platform.

     After awhile we got the hang of it, and by we I mean everybody else; I was born to zip line.  Seriously, if you go to Hocking Hills, or anywhere near it, go to this place.  It’s legit.  For the next three hours we crossed rope bridges and flew down lines, all the while enjoying nature.  I feel like it’s going to be hard for anything on this trip to top this.   As said before, I recognized some faces of our fellow group members are others who are staying at our hotel.  It was kind of an odd thing to see them in a different more comfortable setting after having eaten not five feet from them silently that same morning.  Tomorrow will be interesting. 

    The bridges and lines kept coming and we kept riding down them but soon the trail came to an end.  We said our goodbyes and thanks to our guides.  They were truly awesome and really fun to hang around.  But we weren’t done quite yet, it was time for the super zip, a quarter of a mile long line where you travel at about 50mph in “super hero” position.  With arms spread out and heart soaring, I flew down that line.  It was a pretty special experience to me, I really felt like I was flying.  I wish I had pictures of that, but instead, here is us after completing it. 


After the Super Zip


     Seriously, go to this place!  It’s so much fun!  They also give you a photo op where they bring in a photographer to take some pictures of you and your group.  I have more but I liked this one of us about halfway through the trail.061311-1000 (32)

Us with Brooke, one of our guides


     After we left the zip line place, we were sad.  But then we got to eat lunch so we were happy once more, the trouble was just finding a place.  With the help of my “smart” phone, we were able to find  a place in downtown Logan called The M&M Diner.  We headed in for our late lunch not knowing exactly what to expect.  It was a very chill small town diner kind of place.  The food was simple yet good and definitively hit the spot after our long morning. 

     Over lunch we discussed our plans for the rest of our time here, one more full day tomorrow followed by whatever we could fit in on Wednesday.  Since we had a lot of time left in the day, we decided to visit the welcome center near our hotel.


A spot for M & M Diner


     It was pretty cool on the outside with it’s water wheel and… whats this?  A museum?


The Welcome Center!


Another staple in my travels, the pencil sharpener museum!!


     Yes, not “a” but “THE” Pencil Sharpener Museum.  Really glad I made it out here to see it.  No, really though, it was kind of cool.  It had a large collection of sharpeners ranging from toys to models and more.  Lunch had made us really tired but we treaded on to check out a nature trail not to far which had “The Old Man’s Cave.”  This definitely sounded pretty sweet so we decided to check it out.  After a quick drive down the winding and swerving country roads, we made it.


A cave of wonders….


     To say it was a beautiful park would be an understatement.  Only the short part we saw was merit enough to take hundreds of pictures, and I did.  Here are a couple of the area near Old Man’s Cave.








     We walked around for a good while checking everything out that we could.  We only got to see a small portion of the park but it was a very awesome place just to wander.  After a long day of walking, zipping, and other various activities, we were ready to head on back to our hotel.  But once we got there we realized we had nothing to do for some time.  So we changed our clothes and headed for the pool. 

     About five minutes in, my Mom lost her earring in the pool and we spent the next twenty searching for it.  Seeing as the pool was only 5ft deep at its max, this was actually quite fun.  Without any luck, my Dad and I got out and headed back to the room to get ready for dinner while the girls kept swimming.  After a quick shower we left the hotel to hang out at the Millstone BBQ place down the street from where we were staying.  It was good to hang out at the bar and gab away for awhile before Mom and Em came by.  But by the time they finally did, we were ready for some good eatin’.  And we weren’t disappointed

     Our meal was large and delicious!  As we passed our meals and drink arounds, as is family tradition, we reflected on the day and all the fun we had.  It’s gonna be hard to top the fun we had but we’re certainly going to try.  Tomorrow is our last full day here and I will be sad to see this place go.  For such a short distance away, it has been quite a good trip so far.  And we’ve only been here one day!  Thanks again for reading, check out tomorrow as the adventure continues!

  Oh and for those who were concerned, yes, my Mother did find her earring.  It just took the teamwork of young children and the promise of money. 


2 thoughts on “Day 2: Let the Outdoor Action Begin!

  1. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I don’t know who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

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