Day 1: The Adventure Begins, and I’m late.


Wait what?! 


     After scrambling out of bed, I threw my gear together and into the van.  Back on the road again.  After only ten short minutes, we were ready for our first stop.  Breakfast time! 


Who you calling big?


     Still groggy after breakfast we hit the road again.  Columbus is a pretty short ride away so I spent most of the time just chilling and listening to music.  Feels good to be back on the road.  Being home for a week with nothing to do was starting to get to me.  My creative juices from DAAP were drying up! 

     After only one pit stop and some minor mumbling and grumbling, we made it to OSU.  Soon after splitting off from Em, we made our way up into the stadium to wait for the ceremony to start. 


The Ohio State Stadium an hour before the commencement.


The American Flag, enough said.


Em was pretty far away but I still got her.


     The graduation ceremony was long but it wasn’t so bad.  We picked a good spot and ended up being in the shade the whole time.  It actually got a little cold towards the end there.  The speaker was actually the speaker.  The speaker of the House that is, John Boehner.  He did a good job and got us all laughing a couple times.  He had all his security there which was kind of cool to see.  Possible job there!  Getting to dress up and be intimidating for money?  Heck yes!  The ceremony came to a close and we skedaddled out of there as soon as we could to beat the crowd, unfortunately we were overcome by the torrent of graduate families that awaited us.  I was injured in the leg, but fortunately, it wasn’t bad enough for me to be put down.


The Fam after navigating the sea of graduates and their families.


Em in front of the Thompson Library.


     With OSU behind us, we made out way out to get a very late lunch, or an early dinner, you pick.  We ended up at a place called Haiku, a favorite of Emily’s.  I had never been there before but was certainly ready for some sushi and warm sake. 

     The meal went by too fast.  It’s been a long while since I’ve had quality sushi so this was deeply appreciated.  Not to mention the place itself is pretty chill.  Time for a little haiku spot here, ahem, with drinks plenty/ your meal shall be delightful.  At the Haiku/ all of your dreams shall come true!  See what I did there?  Anyhoo, the place is great, totally go there if you’re in Columbus.  The atmosphere is laid back and the service is very friendly.  They even gave Em a free dessert because of her graduation. 


Kampai!  Drinks at Haiku!


Our lovely and delicious platter of sushi.


     We made our way out of Columbus and onward to our mystery destination.  So mysterious in fact, that I can’t tell you!  No just kidding.  We went to Hocking Hills, Ohio!  Here we shall be enjoying outdoor activities such as riding a zip line and, well, I’ll leave the rest up for surprise.  But it shall be a good time! 

     After arriving at our hotel, we ran out to grab a snack at a place across the street, it wasn’t too good so I’m not gonna mention anymore about it.  But we ended up chilling in our room for the night getting ready for the adventures that await!  Tomorrow the day begins a little later than today, so hopefully I can sleep in a little bit.  Thanks for reading day 1, check back again to see how Monday goes! 


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