Back Home: Off the Bus and Into Hell Week

The second I stepped off the bus back on campus, Hell Week at Daap had begun.  This left me unable to finish the blog until now.  Currently residing back in the comforts of my home in Eastgate, I can now look back on the New York trip and share some final thoughts, as well as share some Hell Week stories. 

When we were first told about the NY trip, I immediately jumped at the idea of going.  I had no idea what was in store for me when I would get there, but I was excited none the less.  After months of waiting, it finally came time for us to go on our journey.  Thankfully, by then I knew a few of the people who were going so I felt a lot better about stepping on that bus. 

It’s funny when we as artists are asked about where we get our inspiration, I never know what to say.  My best guess for myself is that it’s all spur of the moment. 


Photo ops wait around every corner.


I’m in my element.


I think that’s why at 5 a.m. that first morning somewhere in PA I decided to restart this blog.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.


A picture of me taking a picture of the fountain on that first night.


New York was truly an epic experience.  It’s so weird seeing it in movies and television shows and then actually going to see it, and let me tell you, it’s a completely different experience than you’d expect.  I don’t think any movie or TV show can capture how large the city is.  It is called the Big Apple after all.


So tired, and it’s only day two.


Walking around everywhere was so tiring but absolutely worth it.  We got to see all kinds of things we wouldn’t normally be able to see if we took the subway everywhere.  Although, the subway did save us a lot of time when we had to make a quick hike across town.  New York is just so full of exciting things to do and see, you can’t take the fastest route everywhere, otherwise you’ll miss the cities most exciting aspects.  Get lost in New York sometime, you might have more fun wandering than you’d expect.  With Missy at the helm with map in hand though, this was hard to do. 


Two cameras, one great picture. 


I can’t really explain how it happened, but a group of us formed that first day in New York.  We were a group of students who wanted the most fun and adventure we could have while we were there, and on the way we’d see everything there is to see in NYC.  We all really hit it off and from then on decided to traverse the city together.  I couldn’t have asked for better travelling companions. 


Group photo of us in Central Park.

But with only four days of freedom, we soon found ourselves back at Daap with our final projects due in only one week.  Let Hell Week commence, along with the typical Daap shenanigans….



Brett vs. The Goo. Who will win?


Believe it or not, we work pretty hard at Daap.  Hell Week came and went with nights spent awake and tears shed, but we made it.  The best part of the week was being able to display my final piece for Space Studio at the Contemporary Arts Center in downtown Cincinnati.  The project was to make a response piece to the artist, Keith Haring.  I had made a video sculpture which included some of his work brought to life.  I had joked to my teacher about playing a theremin, an instrument used in old sci-fi shows, to go along with the flying ufo in my video.  Little did I know, he was gonna bring one in for me.  So now, I present to you, Phil Didion, on the theremin…..

Cover your ears!


With New York and Hell Week conquered, what is next for Phil Didion?  All I know is, Spring Break couldn’t sound more appealing right now.




One thought on “Back Home: Off the Bus and Into Hell Week

  1. Well, I know you were busy, but your Hell Week still sounds a lot more fun than mine!

    I never knew that thing was called a theremin! Very cool. I saw a local band here that used one of those onstage. ^_^

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