Day Four: Farewell New York!

The day began early again to the buzzing alarm at 8 a.m.  Today was the last day in NYC for our group.  We were to visit the Metropolitan Museum as our last stop on the itinerary.  But first, it was time to revisit Max Brenner’s place, but this time, Carmen and I brought some extra company.


Max Brenners, again!  I really can’t stress enough how awesome this place is.


After another great breakfast, we decided to dodge the rain and take the subway up towards the Met.  By now, we’ve pretty much mastered the New York Subway system, so traveling was quite easy today.  We even got to use the express.  Being late, we left the station with haste when we got to our stop.  On our way out, a couple asked us if we knew where the Guggenheim Museum was.  With gps in hand, I offered to help out.  Since the Guggenheim and the Metropolitan are on the same street, we ended up talking with the couple as we made our way across town.  They were from Chicago and had just flown in the day before.  We shares stories of what we had seen and made some recommendations.  It was really funny coming to New York for the first time, knowing very little about where to go and what to do, and then four days later being able to guide new visitors, with directions and everything, to some fun places and good eats (yes Max Brenner’s!).  We soon had to split paths so we said our “goodbyes” and “good lucks.”  A little walk later and we were at the Met. 


The Metropolitan Museum.


Inside there was a lot of art from all over.  I think some of the art that I enjoyed the most were the sculptures and landscape paintings. 


My favorite sculpture I saw there.


Before there were landscape photos, there were landscape paintings!!  Epic!


Part of a temple from the Egyptian section of the museum. 


This just looked cool.


The art in the Metropolitan is split up into sections based off of region and the time frame that it came from.  This was probably the largest museum we’ve been to while in New York.  They had a special exhibit based around guitars, violins, mandolins, and lutes.  Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed inside this part of the museum.  I was so happy to see some Stradivari violins because I had done a project on him in high school.  Also, having worked in a violin shop, it was really awesome to see violins of such a high caliber. 

I soon found myself to be a little overwhelmed by all the art and decided to go outside and eat some of the bagel I had saved from breakfast.  While outside on my own, I decided that now would be a lovely time to get some coffee while everyone else was still inside the Met.  My lack of sleep was catching up to me and I needed some caffeine!  Since the rain had stopped, it was actually really nice walking around town by myself in search of the nearest Starbucks.  You’d be surprised, they’re on every corner until you’re looking for one.  Well, I soon found one and got myself something to drink.  I chilled there for awhile before getting word that everyone else was getting ready to leave the Met.  Now, we had heard that there was a Richard Serra piece at the Guggenheim, which as mentioned, was right down the street from the Met.  So we decided to meet there.


The Guggenheim Museum.


Of course there was a line.


But it was beautiful inside.


I had to wait in line to get in, then I had to wait in line to get a ticket.  When I finally got to the desk and bought my ticket I asked where the Richard Serra stuff was.  The response was simple, “There are no Richard Serra pieces there.”  I was sad to say the least.  Apparently I was misinformed but had already bought my ticket.  I told everyone else the unfortunate news and they decided to stand this one out.  With little time to spare before our rendezvous for the bus ride home, I climbed the Guggenheim, not like Matt Barney, as fast as I could.  The stuff was alright, I really had had my heart set on seeing Serra’s sculptures though. 

When I was done at the Guggenheim, I called everyone up to see what the plan was.  They said they were going back to a café we had been to a couple nights before back by our hotel.  With phone in hand it was time for some urban orienteering.  Also, using my newly acquired subways skills, I was able to navigate myself across the city to meet up with my friends at Bread and Butter where we enjoyed some relaxing times waiting for our bus to get there.  We all met up at the hotel to get our things and wait.  The driver was only 30 minutes late.


Jess need coffee.


After a couple hours, we stopped at a truck station to get some food at a McDonalds/Subway.  The people working there flipped when 50 people came in, we were officially considered a “situation.”  We stocked up on food, blankets and pillows for the return trip home.


Blurry picture from my phone of the stop.


Missy’s head + pillow = sleep.


It is now 11:09 and I have no idea where we are.  We already had a scare with the snowy weather but it looks like we’re in the clear now.  This trip has been quite an adventure and its not over yet, but day four is done and over with, now we just have to survive the night.  I still have more to say and show with NYC, but I’m gonna get myself some sleep before class starts in 9 hours.  Good night folks, I’ll be seeing some of you soon.


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