Day Three: The End is Near!


Day three, the last full day in New York City, started off at 8:15.  Carmen had  told us about a place of wonder and amazingness.  It was a restaurant known for it’s chocolate-based food and drinks.   Apparently they have a restaurant in the Philippines, London, Australia, and here in NYC.  So Carmen, Alex, and myself all headed down to beat the rush.  Unlike the two previous days in the city, the weather was lovely.  It had been freezing cold and windy before, but now it was starting to warm up a bit.  We headed downtown by foot, enjoying the weather and the new day.  Coming upon Union Square, we ran into an open market with all kinds of fresh foods being sold._DSC0906

The market on our way to the chocolate place.  Look what’s in the back!


And soon, in our sights, we saw it.


Carmen and Alex outside of Max Brenner’s.


Folks, if you ever go to New York, go to this place.  It will blow your mind.  The atmosphere is great, the food is great, and the service is great, life is great.  We ended up being the first ones there and were seated immediately.  After drooling over the menu for awhile, we ordered our first round of drinks and some food.  Even the non-chocolate stuff was delicious!  I highly recommend the Chocolate Chai-tea and the bagels they have there.  Carmen got the most of the chocolate and was willing to share with us.  They have milk chocolate you melt down with candles, mix some milk into, and then slurp up, liquid chocolate that you can drink right out of a cup, and much much more.  I think we’re going back again tomorrow morning.  I’d definitely find it worth it.


Inside Max Brenner, where the bald man does his magic.


It’s so good my brain can’t handle it.


What was left of our chocolaty smorgasbord.


With full bellies and sweet tooth’s fulfilled, we began the long walk to the Whitney Museum where we’d be meeting up with the rest of the group for our daily museum trip.  But on the way, I found this.


“Welcome to Good Burger!  Home of the Good Burger!  Can I take your order?”


Stopping for photos here and there, we finally made it to the museum exactly on time.  The Whitney Museum of American Art was pretty cool.  It was definitely the smallest museum we’ve been to while here in New York.  Seeing a Keith Haring piece reminded me of the final project waiting for me back home.  But there were some other things there that got my mind back off of it.  There were mostly paintings, but also a really cool video piece, as well as an amazing sculpture that hung down from the ceiling and split space in half. 



After checking out the Whitney, we decided to go back downtown to see Chinatown.  But that meant that we must once again face the beast that is the subway.


Confusion and deep thinking required to ride this ride.


This is a no train surfing zone.


After a long ride downtown, we made it to Chinatown, home of the tourist trap.  The streets were lined up with shops, all of which had pretty much the same stuff but we didn’t let that stop us from checking out a couple.  After some shopping had be completed, we decided that now was a good time for some lunch.  We checked some places out here and there but most were packed or really expensive.  Some wandering around and we found the Old Shanghai Deluxe.  It had room and cheapish food, what more could we ask for? 


Outside the Old Shanghai Deluxe


We sat down and started checking out the menu.  It was then decided that we would get a bunch of food and then share it all.  The tables had that cool spinning thing on them like from Temple of Doom so it was pretty easy to pass some Lo Mein or Sesame Chicken down to someone.  We enjoyed the meal immensely and soon were able to get up and do some more shopping before heading up to Little Italy.


The gang enjoying some Chinese food.


We walked through Little Italy pretty fast on our way to SoHo.  The streets were super packed with people wanting to shop.  Braving the current of shoppers, we made our way up through the shopping district towards Greenwich Village, which is right next to NYU and….


Washington Square park!  The red building behind me was Will Smith’s house in I am Legend!!


The big arch in Washington Square Park.


It was good to be walking around a campus again.  There were so many college students and fun places to eat, we decided to take a break at a little bar/coffee shop called Brad’s.  After an attempt at identity theft and some caffeine, we were ready to head back to the hotel to clean up and rest up for the last night in NYC.


Brad’s down the street from NYU.


On the way back to the hotel, we came across that building which apparently is well known as a symbol for NYC. 


That one building.


We also came across a small park that had some lights in it so we decided to stop and check it out.


Missy hanging out.


A cool light sculpture with the Empire State building in the background.  The cool thing about the sculpture is that when you look at it dead on, they flicker in a way that makes it look like people walking across it.  I recorded a video of it so hopefully I’ll throw it on here in a later post.




We got back to the hotel for a break to clean up and prepare for the night ahead.  Since we couldn’t get our cheesecake on the night before, we headed out to a place which apparently had some of the best New York style cheesecake around.  It’s called D’Aiuto.  We got there, picked up our cakes and headed down the street to the Tic Toc Diner to get some grub.  The food was pretty good, but once we were done, it was time to dig in to that cheesecake.  The rumors were true.  Best cheesecake ever.  If you ever find yourself in New York, this is also another place you want to check out. 


Jess and the two Phils hanging out at the Tic Toc Diner.


We made our way back over to Time Square for one last go around.  This time we ran into some things we hadn’t seen before.  Like…


The New York Times building.


We also ran into the largest McDonalds, which has three floors.  We bumped into Spiderman as well, I fought him and won, twice.  The lights were so amazing, despite all the marketing going on.  It’s a really cool place to go at night, just to see how alive the city is even around midnight.  Our last stop was a music store in Time Square.  A few minutes after midnight, we all sang Happy Birthday in unison while exiting the store to Jess, as it was officially her birthday.  With Time Square behind us, we headed back to the hotel for some well deserved sleep.  Tomorrow is our last day in NYC and we plan to mostly do some museum visits.  However, with enough praise in the air, we’re going back to Max Brenner’s for breakfast.  Huzzah!


3 thoughts on “Day Three: The End is Near!

  1. My goodness, you’re making me hungry! And how in the world did I not hear of the Japan location of that chocolate place? T_T

  2. We returned home from our Pittsburgh trip. I was so excited to read all of your blogs! It looks like you have had the time of your life in New York City! I am looking forward to hearing more about it. Hope you are able to get some sleep on the bus ride home. Love, Mom

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