Day Two: The Armory Show

Day two in New York started off around 9:30 a.m. for me.  It was good to finally get some sleep.  But the day was new and I was refreshed and ready to go.  We went to a small deli down the street where we could get all sorts of quick food to go like bagels and even omelets and hash browns.  We made our way to the subway so we could quickly get to the armory show.  After getting lost and returning to the deli to meet up with our professor, we made one more mistake before getting on track with where we had to go.  


New York subway platform early in the afternoon.


We rode the subway for awhile before getting to our destination, a couple blocks away from the pier where the show was being held.  Making our way down, we saw a whole lot of things. 



Another church!  Lots of those today.


Walking through some construction.


We knew we were getting closer as the street kept appearing.


Soon we found ourselves at the pier and with tickets in hand we were told that the show didn’t open for a whole hour later.  And thus began the side adventure that lead us to Starbucks #506 located a couple blocks away.  With Carmel Apple Spices in hand, we made our way back to the Armory Show.  _DSC0729

Us outside the show.


The Daily Show as seen on the way back to the Armory Show.


Upon arriving at the Armory Show again, we got in this time and marathoned  our way up and down the many many rows of art.  Even with there being more art here than at MoMA, I think we actually enjoyed ourselves a little more here.  There wasn’t as much of an overwhelming feeling.  I didn’t recognize as many things except for a Damien Hirst piece and a section for Kaws.


Kaws stuff!


We had to take frequent breaks with how big the Armory Show was.  It was also pretty busy.  Thankfully it was pretty well organized to split people up and there were plenty of places to rest. 


Taking a break for some photos.


After walking around for a good while, we decided to get out of there so we could go check out some other things around the city. 


Nap time!


Back to the subway!  After some more confusion on how the subway works, we made our way down to Staten Island.  It was time to see New York’s finest lady, the statue of Liberty.  After making it to the ferry station, we had to wait in a large crowd for awhile before they were ready to load on the people.  But once the doors opened, we piled out and onto the ferry so we could get up to the top deck.  The view was spectacular.


The Statue of Liberty from far away.


Phil is in pure shock, everyone else is just happy


This was about as close as we got on the ferry.


We found out though, that we had taken the wrong ferry.  We thought we were on the way to the Statue of Liberty, but we were just going over to Staten Island.  We decided to stay and grab a late lunch.  We discovered a place called 2 Brother Pizza.  It was pretty awesome for the price and the guy running the place was nice, he helped us understand our ferry mishap.  After some good laughs and a good meal, we decided it was time to head on back as it was starting to get late.  Back to the ferry!  It was at this time, I fell victim to being the first person on this field trip to be pooped on by a bird.  I took the bullet so now we should all be safe.  You’re welcome.


The sun setting as we crossed back over to the city.


John taking pictures of me taking pictures of him.


Good times on the ferry.


Lauren checking out the view.


The Statue of Liberty again!


New York City from the ferry.


After getting off of the ferry, we made our way uptown.  Soon we came upon Wall St. and some more photo ops.  I never thought of it until I saw it, but I always wanted to see the Wall St. Bull thing.


Wall St. Bull thingy!


Another church.


Wall Street and Broadway.


And another church!


We kept going up Wall Street towards Ground Zero.  This was something we all knew we had to see while we were in New York. 


Cool sculpture on the way to Ground Zero.


Construction on the new trade center.


After seeing a little bit of Ground Zero from behind construction walls and tarps, we headed to the preview museum just down the street.  They had some interesting stuff on display and a lot of the plans for what is to come.  It should be a really interesting museum when it’s done.


The preview of the 9/11 museum.  It was pretty cool.  I really want to see the final thing when it’s all done.


We made our way back to the hotel after that so that we could rest up for the night ahead.  There was a lot on the menu as far as suggestions go so for the next two hours we chilled out, cleaned up, and thought about the night ahead.  After meeting back up, we decided to grab a bite to eat at a pub.  Heading down the street, we saw….


The Empire State building!

Even though I hadn’t brought my camera, I used my phone to get this and the following shot.  We kept going until we found ourselves at O’Reilly’s Pub where I discovered some of the best Fish N’ Chips I’ve had in awhile,


Me outside the Pub.


We enjoyed our dinner but made off for some dessert elsewhere.  Cheesecake was the desire of the night all around.  Having seen a sign for “World Famous Cheesecake” sometime earlier, we made our way around the city searching for the place where this claim could be put to the test.  Unfortunately, it was closed.  But a man who noticed our plight decided to tell us all about the best two places for cheesecake in the city as well as the history of the owners and the difference between Italian and New York Style cheesecakes,  Well informed and redirected, we took to the streets in search of the best cheesecake.  However, we were once again too late and had to head back to the hotel.  We ended up going to a café a block down that had been visited by some friends the night before.  Entitled Bread and Butter, the convenience store/café was pretty amazing.  We all sat down and got something to munch on for desert.  Cupcakes, cheesecakes, cookies, and chocolate were all on the menu.  It was all amazing.

Another day in New York has come and gone.  Tomorrow, another museum and many adventures await. 


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