New York, New York

It’s currently a little after 5 a.m.  A group of about 50 DAAP students are all asleep headed east at the cozy speed of about 65 mph.  All except this one. 


I’ve decided to use this blog once again to share my travel experiences.  This time the destination is a bit closer though.  For the next four days, I’ll be traveling alongside some of the Fine Arts students of DAAP around the big apple.  With only one museum a day on the school’s itinerary, I’ll hopefully be able to spend some of my own time exploring the city.  With camera in hand, there’s not much else I can really ask for.


After about 8 of the 14 hours out of the way, I find myself unable to sleep.  Whether it be out of excitement for a new adventure or because of the non-existence of a comfortable position on a bus, I just can’t keep my eyes closed.  Activities include, listening to music, blogging, using my phone to get internet on the go (thanks Taylor Belcher), and being a little sleep deprived.  To be honest though, I couldn’t be happier.  


In about 3 hours or so, we’ll be making our third and last stop somewhere most likely in Pennsylvania to get some breakfast.  Whispers of “Waffle House” are in the air.  After that, it’s a straight shot to NYC.


For any of my readers who have been to NYC, if you have any suggestions of cool things to see, or things you’d like to see, please comment somewhere on my blog or Facebook.  If they’re in range of where we’re staying, I’ll definitely make an effort to visit them.  Whether its food (especially food!!!) or just a cool place to check out, I’ll do what I can to get there.  Thanks for reading.


                                                                                                          -Phil Didion


7 thoughts on “New York, New York

  1. Hey there, I didn’t know you were reviving your blog! I’m looking forward to hearing of your adventures, and I hope you show me all your pictures when we’re all back home.

    Definitely take advantage of all the free time you have, see everything you can. (If it were me, I’d try to go see a Broadway show, but that might be tough at the last minute.) Have fun and stay safe!


  2. Hey there! I am so happy you will be blogging about your New York trip! I knew I would be thinking a lot about you and through your blog, I will have a better idea of what you are doing. Sorry I can’t offer you any sightseeing tips. I know I would like to see the Statue of Liberty some day. Hope you have a great day! Love, Mom

  3. When I was in NYC they took us to all these “NYC Restaurants.” I though the food was ehhh at best. So one day for lunch a couple buddies and I decided to try to eat what the locals did, not the touristy stuff. We went down this side street-ally and found a local deli/pizza joint. It was excellent. If you get the chance, just swing by a little place like that or something.

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