We made it!


After landing in Narita Airport, we fought our way through crowds of people who knew what they were doing.  Tired, hungry, and lost, we made our way to the train station with our newly acquired passes.  The Train ride was incredible leaving Narita Airport to the Shinjuku station where we would meet up with my sister Emily.

It was weird, at first, everything looked normal but it felt different.  It was so much to take in it actually took awhile to see through the haze left by lack of sleep and sitting in the same spot for so long.  It felt like I was in a dream.


The countryside is so green and the city is crunched together but still has an awesome look to it.  When I wake up tomorrow it’s all finally going to hit me.

We met up with Em in Shinjuku and got on our way to Tokyo where we would meet up with Mr. Kuno and go to our apartment.  Upon arrival at the train station, Mr. Kuno was waiting for us and lead us to our apartment.  To get there, we left the station and had to walk through a supermarket which was hustlin’ and bustlin’.  Our apartment is small as you can see from the picture up top(thats about half of it).  But the view from the balcony is awesome!


Its not fields or flowers, but it shows a normal street in the Tokyo metropolis.  I can’t wait to go out tonight and snap some photos.


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