Bored on a Plane

The eleven and a half hour flight out of Chicago is proving to be a “different” experience.  Highlights include: coffee, ramen, and listening to the Gorillaz, all of which were done at once.


At the time I’m writing this, it is currently somewhere around 11 pm back home in Cincinnati but its still bright and sunny outside as we fly somewhat south of Russia and still east of Japan.

The whole experience is very surreal.  I can’t believe I’m going to Japan, especially with the last nine hours stuck in a dark airplane with only the monitors and reading lights illuminating the cabin.  Every time I open the window everyone recoils because they’re so used to the dark now.

My shutter finger is getting a little itchy.  I really want to take some pictures but there hasn’t been a whole lot of opportunity yet.  Most of the time has been watching movies and eating.  So far we’ve gotten to see “Iron Man 2,” “Just Right,” “Date Night,” and various television shows in between.  There are rumors of a Miley Cyrus film being shown next.  I gotta get off this plane!!

I’ve been up for seventeen hours now and I still have about six more to go of more flying, train hopping, international miscommunications, sister finding, and finally locating our apartment in Tokyo.  I can’t wait 😀


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